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84A High Street
Team House,
West Sussex BN43 5DB

Tel 0845 222 0033
Fax 0845 222 0034
From o/seas please call:
(44) 1273 772 355

Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
Company number 382 1103
Eurocom Marketing Ltd
Company number 04835378
Promolists Ltd
Company number 667 5901
Email Services (UK) Ltd
Company number 673 9535

UK based Eurocom Marketing Limited is the owner of a small portfolio of domain names, many of which have been parked or turned into mini-websites.

Most of the domains to be found on this website are available for either sale or lease. We are open to offers on any domain so long as the price offered is a serious one. Risible offers will not be entertained.

For the protection of both buyer and seller we prefer to effect transfers using the services of any mutually agreed and reputable escrow service. The fees associated with this service are to be borne equally by both buyer and seller.

Eurocom Marketing is also the publisher of currently in the process of development. When completed, Portalpedia will be one of the world’s largest article sites containing from 1 to 1,000 articles on thousands of topics. Still only partly developed it already contains over 60 million words, which puts it 20 million words ahead of the fabled Encyclopedia Britannica with its estimated 40 million. Portalpedia is unique in that it includes both text and video coverage of the topics being written about.



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